Mossy team at Negavatt holding Mossy air purifiers

We are Mossy

How we came to be

We are four young entrepreneurs from Tallinn 21st School, who started Mossy as a student company in 2022. After doing detailed research about air purifiers and their harmful environmental impact, we created our own product. After months of hard work and dedication, Mossy was ready – a unique eco-friendly air purifier that uses only natural materials to purify the air.

It is our mission to make an impact on the world – clean air should not cost us the planet!

  • Ajujaht (2023, 16. season)

    Out of 120 competitors, we were chosen for the TOP20 teams of the largest startup accelerator programme in Estonia, competing for the grand prize of 30 000 euros. In October 2023 we were chosen as the finalists (TOP9) of Ajujaht's 16th season.

  • Negavatt (2023, 10. season)

    We had the incredible honour of winning the 10th season of Negavatt, the largest accelerator programme for environmentally sustainable ideas, with the grand prize of 10 000 euros.

  • Wise Innovation Award (2023)

    At the Grand Student Company Fair, we gained the Wise Innovation Award together with a one-on-one mentoring session.

  • ISCF Most Innovative Product (2023)

    At the ISCF International Student Company Festival, out of 46 companies from 12 countries, we were awarded the Most Innovative Product Award.

  • Best Student Company of Estonia II place (2023)

    Out of 412 student companies in Estonia, we came second, and got a special prize from the Chamber of Estonian Patent Attorneys.

  • And many more to come...