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How often should Mossy air purifier filters be changed?

The lifespan of Mossy air purifier filters depends largely on how much the product is used. For daily use, it is recommended to change the filter set every 4-6 months.

I need to change the filters. Where do I throw my used ones?

Mossy air purifiers use an environmentally friendly four-layer filter that includes activated carbon fabric, reindeer lichen stabilized with natural glycerin, sheep wool and hemp fiber mats. After the filter's life has ended, the activated carbon fabric can be thrown into household waste, i.e. in the trash can at home. The rest of the filters are biodegradable and it is recommended to throw them in the bio-waste, which is composted at high temperatures in waste plants. It is not recommended to throw them into the home compost, because there the environment does not reach such a high temperature to break down harmful substances that are caught into the filters.

Can I buy Mossy filters and use them with another company's air purifier?

The Mossy filter combination is designed specifically for the Mossy air purifier and is not intended for use with air purifiers from other companies.

Do I need to water the lichen used in the filters?

No, you don't have to. Mossy uses reindeer lichen stabilized with natural glycerin in its filters. This means that the lichen is not alive, but has retained its shape and soft texture. It is best to use the Mossy air purifier in a room with a humidity between 40 and 60% so that the lichen retains its properties when using it. If the humidity is below the recommended range, the lichen will begin to dry out.

Why did the lichen in my filter dry out?

The lichen in our purifier is a great indicator of humidity. If the lichen in the purifier dried out, it means that the air humidity was too low. The normal air humidity in rooms should be between 40 and 60%. If the normal humidity level cannot be kept, you can carefully spray the lichen with water from time to time.

How loud is the Mossy air purifier?

When working, the Mossy air purifier stays at 37 dB, which is equivalent to a whisper.

How big a room can one Mossy air purifier clean?

One Mossy air purifier is designed to clean a room of 15-20 m2. With this room size, the air will be cleaned in about an hour.

How often should I use the Mossy air purifier?

The necessity of using the Mossy air purifier is individual in every home and office and depends on whether you want to clean the air in the room only before entering (e.g. the bedroom before going to bed) or to keep the room clean 24/7. In addition, it is important whether there are pets, a lot of textiles, burning candles, etc. in the rooms - in this case, it is worth using the air purifier more often.

How much electricity does the Mossy air purifier use?

The power of the Mossy air purifier is 14 W. Based on the fact that the stock market price of electricity is on average 30 cents per kWh, using the Mossy air purifier for one hour every day of the year will cost €1.5 per year (0.4 cents per hour!).

How to place the filters inside the Mossy air purifier?

Take the filters out of their packaging and put the filters in the air purifier so that the activated carbon cloth is the bottom layer, then the sheep's wool, the hemp mat, and the lichen on top.

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